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As genealogists we know how useful so many of the unindexed records held by the National Records of Scotland can be. We also know that many people trying to research their own family tree are not aware of the records that are available, or are not able to access them in person. Even if they have access to these records, they may find them hard to understand. We are therefore trying to provide indexes to some of the the most useful records, as well as providing explanations of their nature and value from a family history point of view. We are also making available a service which will enable you to access the information in the records.

We are also aware of the value of a census transcription prepared by transcribers with local knowledge of both surnames and placenames, which is why many have appreciated our census publications in book form. We have now made our census transcriptions available for free online, but as with all online indexes it can be helpful to have some information and search tips in order to get the best out of the data.

The links below will take you to our various help pages and guides.

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Early Census and Population Lists Guide

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